It's main focus and licence was issued for Storage, processing and warehousing of crude oil, petroleum products
and Petrochemical Products. "BALTTEKTREYD" TANK FARM is a storage, logistics and trading company with several
international offices and tank storage facilities all around the Russian Federation and in the Netherlands.

The company’s principal activities are: operation of crude oil loading and unloading, storage and transportation
facilities, shipping and oil & petrochemical trading.

"BALTTEKTREYD" TANK FARM is certificated on conformity to the ISM code, there are licences on each kind of activity of
company, including a provision of employment of the Russian seamen under a foreign flags. All ships are registered
under Russian flag and employs Russian crew members only.

For bunkering of transport and trade vessels with fuel and lubricants in ports of Khabarovskiy and Primorskiy
regions the company is using port bunkering vessels "SLV-310", “Kalan”, oil tankers "Fateevo", "Dalnegorsk",
"Filatovo", "Kio Maru-15" and "Carnival" with total deadweight of around 11000 tons, all vessels purchased or were
taken in long term bareboat charter during 2003 - 2010 period. Oil tanker "Fateevo" mostly is bunkering merchant
and fishing vessels in Russian Pacific.


BALTTEKTREYD TANK FARM LLC Vessels and packages are developed to ensure our clients have a complete solution for whatever they are transporting. We have some of the best trained Maritime Officers who can handle all maritime operations including but not restricted to, connection / disconnection of cargo transfer systems and mooring operations.

BALTTEKTREYD TANK FARM LLC activities in an energy intensive industry. In our opinion, shipping is essential to world trade and globalization, and fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) will remain indispensable in our daily lives for many years to come. Our challenges are therefore to constantly improve energy efficiency in our vessels and reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities. We aim to meet these challenges by continuous improvements of our Vessels' performance and by making environmental breakthroughs in selected areas.

We are fully aware that limiting our environmental impact is not only good for the environment but it is also good for the bottom line. We intend to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint by focusing on energy efficiency as an essential part of our business strategies.